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 Photo: Bolzano
( Image gallery: Bolzano, Italy)


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Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige)
Author: S. TikhomirovContact
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antonio ribeiro   05.02.2014
adoro Bolzano lindo na altura do natal e visitar o seu mercadito

nana   23.12.2012
Bolzano is a nice place in Italy. Everyone should go there. I LOVE BOLZANO.

mohammed   03.05.2011
it is the best of the best in italy

mardhen   09.12.2010
mi piacerebbe un giorno l`italia puo andare appositamente e bolzano il suo posto sei il mio ragazzo amore live

kellyanne   02.06.2010
going there in july for the europeade excited:)

illy   16.05.2010
bolzano/bozen is the place to be

motiaa   14.05.2010
je taime bolzano c manifique extra

zora   09.05.2010
i lived there for 6 years i missed so much my dream 1 day to go back and raise my daughter there i live in USA its ok but i love dolomiti the food the people i missed it so much i will be back this summer for 3 month i will go all around it and see again i hope nothing change i was there 15 years ago so i will see you my little bolzen....i work there to....

clemence   26.04.2010
to those who have lived there, please describe the lifestyle, your experiences...thanks

mohsin khan   10.03.2010
my darling yasmin love dere in bolzano

Sabina   25.12.2009
When I saw Bolzano, I think "this is my place in the world"... Beautiful city. I hope I back them someday...

niazi   12.12.2009
i wish i come to there i love this city

yassine   25.11.2009
my family live there , it s a beautiful city

OTHMAN   09.11.2009

Jon   05.11.2009
I`m going for three weeks and plan on enjoying every minute

yassine   17.08.2009
this is a beautiful city and my family is there

chill   25.03.2009
i was there and i looked my eyes out

Jade   22.12.2008
I lived in Bolzano for three months...I loved it!!

thea   20.12.2008
It looks beautiful! My Grandfather was born here!

Iskra   14.12.2008
I love Bolzano!! Beautifull...


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