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 Photo: Armenia
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Author: Armenian
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Hampig   13.07.2011
love u armenia 4 ever

D.S   30.05.2009
Orthodox heritage of Armenian people.

G-Time   29.01.2009
Armenians were existing long before Georgians..........we were the first nation in the history to adopt Christianity in A.D. Georgians became Christians because of Armenia........and about the church if you don`t think it`s an Armenian church go to the web and search NORAVANK.... and you`ll see that it`s Armenian.

alex   16.10.2007
hi vahe

ale   16.10.2007
you are all dumshit this is the future

Knarled   09.08.2007
Knar, 30.04.2007 -- you wrote "`s amazing how they build this ancient church in the mountains"
I don`t understand why "amazing". Mountains is where rocks are, yes? Rulers and chisels are light and easy to carry up to rocks, make blocks, build church there. What is amazing if they they build this church on beach. But maybe roll rocks down, then make blocks on beach...not so amazing then, anyway.

phoenix   30.07.2007
nice church, was it constructed during the soviet era.

luka   25.07.2007
typical georgian churche .but armenians are brothers...beautyfull

emil   17.07.2007

Marta   15.07.2007
Only a Georgian Armenian would think this is a Georgian church, just like they think everything was invented in and established in Georgia. Nice pic. Beautiful church.

paulus   22.06.2007
The name for this church is Noravank monastery.

vahe   19.06.2007
u ar stupid thats typical armenian church where in armenia was georgians,..armenians in gergia was,..but notgeorgians in armenia

Dannebaum   18.06.2007
i think it`s Georgian Church

Monica   10.05.2007
A beautiful Church

Knar,   30.04.2007
spectacular picture it`s amazing how they build this ancient church in the mountains

Jose   24.04.2007
Is a beautiful picture,also is very sad because of genocidio of Armenias by Turks

rafi   10.03.2007
shad lave

Tamara   28.02.2007
very beautiful picture

Vahe   07.10.2006


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