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 Photo: Dalyan Holidays
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Dalyan Holidays
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Turkey (Mugla)
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Setenay Szer   17.11.2011
Kaunos Rock Tombs
Kaunos was located in the historical region of Caria near the border with Lycia. Its kings and most prominent citizens built their tombs the way Lycians did. The smaller tombs are the older ones: their design was inspired by the timber houses where the inhabitants of Kaunos lived; at a later period tombs became larger and were shaped as small temples. All tombs have been desecrated by robbers in search of jewels and funerary objects.
There are six rock tombs on the Dalyan river (4th - 2nd century BC), which are Dalyan`s prime sight.
The faades of the rock tombs resemble the fronts of Hellenistic temples with two Ionian pillars, a triangular pediment, an architrave with toothed friezes, and acroterions shaped like palm leaves.


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