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 Photo: Prague
( Image gallery: Prague, Czech)


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Author: Sebastian V.
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Miguel   07.02.2011
Amazing tks!!

Guest   14.10.2010
Awesome, good job!

Sebastian V.   06.10.2009
Funny thing about the time of the day these photos were taken is how hard I`ve managed to drag my friends (eight in numbers) in this place to be able to capture the beauty of Prague in the blue hour. Even today, when we find ourselves together in the same time of the day, they are asking me "Well, won`t you take some shots in blue hour?" :))))
But, the session went great and the results were over my expectations. So, thanks, Setenay!
Tip: if you want a good business, go rent tripods near the Charles Bridge. I lent it to 3 people in 30 minutes.;)

Setenay Szer   02.10.2009
super composition with baloon in blue time and perfect shot


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